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Live and loud with FOH engineer Chris Fullard

Category : Artists

Chris Fullard is Front of House Sound Engineer of choice for some of the biggest acts around. His credits include Boris, Chrome Hoof, Goatsnake, Ulver, IDLES, Art Brut, Kelis and many other major venue-fillers.

Chris uses Aston Origins, Spirits and Starlights in his work and says that their indestructible build quality is ‘helpful’ even some of the somewhat raucous acts he sometimes works with. IDLES, for example, recently tested Aston’s reliability by giving a section of mics a right beating with guitars and cricket bats backstage before going on stage in London. Happily the mics survived and were used that night! But how the mics sound is even more important:

“With IDLES, I used the Starlights on the overheads, which are great. Amazing. I use them on the modern setting, which is great. I love that setting. I can hear the difference, when I flick them on, like really clearly.”

Good to hear - and welcome to the Aston family Chris!

Read our interview with the live sound legend here.


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