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LA producer, engineer and musician Thom Monahan joins the Aston family

Category : Producers

Producer, engineer and musician Thom Monahan has worked with the likes of Stevie Nicks, Peter, Bjorn and John and Fruit Bats, from his Golden Void Studios in Los Angeles. He’s a big fan of vintage and analog gear - and the Aston Origin and Spirit large diaphragm condensers, which are fixtures in his mic locker.

“I love the Spirits, I adore them, I’d use them on anything. And I’ve dropped them and mashed the grill and it all just jumps back into place. And the Origin is the easiest thing to recommend to people. They just seem like they’re made to be used.”

In our exclusive interview Thom describes the time he was given 24 hours to mix a new Stevie Nicks record, how he scoured the ‘electronics graveyards’ of San Fernando Valley to help kit-out his high-spec recording facility and how LA is the place for getting gear repaired and modded. He also describes how he is trying to destroy his KRK speakers using an Aston Spirit and a Mini Moog!

Read the full interview with Thom Monahan here:


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