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Skepta latest artist to stay smooth with the Aston Halo

Category : Artists

British grime MC and rapper Skepta is pictured here during a recent recording session, with an Aston Halo refection filter on duty to make sure his vocal sound isn’t roughed-up by any unruly room acoustics. The image was captured by London photographer Cosmo Webber.

Skepta, co-founder of grime collective and record label Boy Better Know is having a busy year; he’s just released a new EP, ‘All In’ featuring Kid Cudi, J. Balvin and Teezee, and has also contributed to the soundtrack of the latest film of the Fast & Furious franchise, F9, released this year.

He is the latest A-lister spotted with a Halo, joining Canadian rapper Drake, Take That’s Gary Barlow, Stevie Wonder and many others in the roll call of artists turning to the patented, curvy acoustical cure-all which, according to Sound On Sound’s Editor In Chief Paul White. “…sets a new bar for personal recording booths.”

Whether for grime, rap, rock, jazz or any other vocal style, the distinctive purple Halo and its, the dark grey Halo Shadow, can turn even the most difficult acoustic spaces into smooth, natural sounding recording environments. It reflects, diffuses and absorbs and uniquely offers 360° filtering, dealing with the floor and ceiling reflections other filters miss. It’s just as effective for spoken word and for recording instruments too.

And with its patented, ultra-light PET felt design, Halo mounts quickly and easily on any mic stand and remains stable and wobble-free. It's the reflection filter you can use pretty much anywhere, any time, with stunning results.


Check out Skepta’s latest releases on his official website.

Find out more about the Aston Halo and Halo Shadow.




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