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Walk off the Earth go viral with Aston mics

Category : Artists

Youtube sensations Walk off the Earth perform a stunning cover of the Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats track, ‘Howling at Nothing’.

The Canadian indie popsters are using Aston Stealth and Spirit mics for vocals and Starlights as room mics to help capture the performance.

The band, who have 3.8 million Youtube subscribers, have just released their fifth album, ‘Here We Go’, described by MelodicMag as ‘unique, beautiful, catchy, and reviving’ and a single ‘Home Alone’. Check the official website for details and downloads: https://www.walkofftheearth.com/

Walk to the Earth, from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 2006 and built a reputation – and a huge following – by recording covers videos which incorporate unusual instruments like kazoos, didgeridoos, theremins, and guiharpuleles. Now the four-piece have incorporated their own compositions into their repertoire. 

We look forward to hearing more Aston-powered music from Walk off the Earth!

Music Recorded by Lee Buckland

Filmed by Jake Reimer and Ben Rispin

Produced by Golden Carrot Productions and Bong Mansion


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