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U2 producer Howie B. and Low Roar’s Leifur Bjornsson collaborate with Aston mics

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Scottish producer, musician and DJ Howie B. has worked with U2, Robbie Robertson, Soul II Soul, Bjork, Massive Attack and many others. Now based in France, he shares his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming artists, collaborating with those whose music piques his interest. One such artist, Icelandic musician and composer Leifur Bjornsson, came to Howie’s attention though a mutual friend, they hit it off and Howie offered his help on the album Leifur was working on with vocalist Klemens Hannigan.

The Skype-based lockdown project has become the trio’s main focus and the first single release is planned for later in 2021. And of course, much of the sound of the album has been captured using Aston mics – Spirits and Stealths to be precise - favourites of Leifur and a revelation to Howie, who told us: “I heard your mics for the first time and I was really shocked actually, which was really good for me!... Klemens has got an amazing low to high range and he holds it very well, he doesn’t break, and to hear your mics pick it up, I was really impressed.”

Howie and Leifur took time out to chat about the project, the gear and working across continents with Skype, in our exclusive interview.

We’re proud to welcome Howie and Leifur into the Aston family and can’t wait to hear the finished album!


Read the full interview here

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