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Prince, Spirits and Purple Caves with funk legend Nik West

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Solo recording artist, bassist, and producer Nik West took time out from her busy touring and recording schedule to chat to us about gear, musical siblings, funk and how she got into the music industry “completely by accident”.

She told us she might have been a math teacher if the music hadn’t worked out, but a call from the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart – when playing bass was no more than a hobby to her – set her on a very different path, as one of the world’s most in-demand funk musicians.

Nik, whose credits also include Prince, Glee, Quincy Jones, and Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), has recently finished a Bass Sample pack for Splice called Booty Grooves. The pack also includes vocal samples which Nik recorded on her new Aston Spirit condenser mic.

She has recently adopted the Spirit as her main vocal mic and is using it to record her new album, Catch Me If You Can, due for release in the Spring of 2019. She also uses the Aston Halo reflection filter (her ‘purple mic cave’) to ensure room acoustics don’t get in the way of a great vocal sound.

“I use the Spirit for main vocals and background vocals. It’s very simple for me. The crazy thing is, sometimes I use it just with a simple interface and no real preamp (don’t hold it against me) and it still sounds amazing!” Nik told us.

In addition to working on the album, Nik has a busy calendar of solo live dates for the remainder of 2018, with shows planned in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and United Arab Emirates.

We are proud to welcome Nik to the family,

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