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We’re diggin’ DIgga D’s vocal sound…

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Aston Halo’s supporting role in drill giant’s new video

British rapper and songwriter Digga D has released a new track, ‘2K17’. The accompanying video, set in the studio and various locations around his home city of London, shows the drill pioneer using an Aston Halo reflection filter to ensure his distinctive vocals were not affected by room acoustics.

2K17 is the follow-up to his top 10 collaboration with ArrDee, ‘Wasted’ and the 2021 mixtape ‘Made In The Pyrex’, which reached no 3 in the UK albums charts. In the lyrics the artist reflects on his controversial past as a member of the 1011 collective (later renamed CGM). Quoted on Complex.com Digga D said: “I went to the studio to reminisce about the old Digga back in 2017, and then shot the video for it [in the] same day,”

Seems the Halo is becoming something of a fixture in the UK capital’s major studios, with UK grime MC Skepta also recently spotted using one to capture his new material.

Described as setting “… a new bar for personal vocal booths.” By SoundOnSound, Halo uniquely combats vertical (floor and ceiling) reflections in addition to the horizontal axis most filters are designed for. It also features built-in diffusion, just as important for delivering a smooth, professional vocal sound. It’s important for any musical style, but rap’s quickfire syllabic lyrics in particular need to be free from room ‘boxiness’ and rogue frequencies. Halo just sorts it all out in even the trickiest environments.

Digga D will be touring the UK in October and November with a series of major city dates confirmed.


Watch Digga D's 2K17

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