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The Caligaris and their amazing floating creative HQ

Category : Artists

Watching a film of the Titanic as a youngster and marvelling at the band playing on to the last contributed towards Russ Caligari becoming interested in film and music. So there was symmetry when the now renowned videographer and musician was approached to make the documentary of an exact replica of the ship being built to make the voyage the original never completed.

Russ and his wife Lou are known collectively as The Caligaris and the documentary is just one of many creative projects the couple have undertaken through their production company, Ginger and Pickles, with a debut feature film recently completed (for which they also did the music) and a double album, from which the first single, ‘Clickbait’ is due for release in mid May.

The Caligaris travel the UK waterways in their HQ, a wide beam boat which is also their extremely high-specification recording facility. Wired for sound in every room, the vessel is crammed with the finest mic pres and outboard gear, plus their favourite mic, an Aston Origin.

“The Origin looks wicked and I love the way it sounds. Everything we’ve been recording with it has just been fantastic.” said Russ.

The couple also use an Aston Halo to control the boat’s acoustics.

“The Halo totally works; you can hear it instantly, the reflection’s gone from around the room.”

Read more on the Caligaris and their amazing floating creative hub in our full interview here.


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