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The rock’n’roll approach to classical mic’ing with Damien Quintard

Category : Producers

Emmy Award winning producer-engineer and Aston 33 member Damien Quintard started out working in a French studio, recording classical artists for clients including Sony Music, and soon found himself mixing with, and for, some of the world’s leading artists.

His credits include projects with classical and operatic royalty including Teodor Currentzis, MusicAeterna, Olivier Baumont and Julien Chauvin. He has also managed studios, produced major events and participated in broadcasting huge festivals. His new venture, the Mono Company, now provides all these services to the great and good of the music industry.

Damien’s varied career has also seen him working with mainstream artists like Lady Gaga, who he worked with for the opening of the European Olympic Games in Azerbaijan - fitting for a multi-talented sound-smith who says he has a ‘rock and roll approach to sound’. Damien also finds time for his own band, Dot Legacy, who are signed to a major label in Brazil.

Damien has been a valuable part of the development of Aston microphones with the aforementioned Aston 33, the panel of audio industry experts (which has now grown to over more than 90 members) who participate in blind listening testing of new Aston products to help ensure each microphone is voiced to be best in class before the manufacturing stage. He now uses Aston mics extensively: 

“Basically I use Aston gear for everything. I have the Spirit and the Origin, like ten of each.” He told us.

Damien recently used no fewer than twelve Aston mics in one session when recording with conductor Tendor Currentzis at Vienna’s Wiener Konzerthaus for Sony Classical.

“I really liked the sound I was getting from them. It kind of became the base for my sound for symphonic recording and now I use Astons for rock, electronic, everything.”

Thanks for your support, help and expertise Damien – a true member of the Aston family!


Read the full interview with Damien Quintard here:



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