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Aston Stealth or SM7B? - The Studio Rats review

Category : Reviews

Paul from the Studio RatsThe NAMM TEC Winner for Best Microphone 2020, the Aston Stealth, is this week reviewed by The Studio Rats.

“...If I had to go and buy another high-quality Dynamic microphone like the Stealth or an SM7, I think the Stealth would win, absolutely hands-down!...”

This talented group of musicians collaborates with singers and musicians from all over the world, to produce high-quality, radio-ready songs. Paul from the Studio Rats, conducts the in-depth review of the Aston Stealth, comparing it alongside the Shure SM7B.

"If you have any situations where you’re recording high-level dynamics I’d really recommend getting a high-quality dynamic microphone like the stealth."

Performances on guitars, vocals, and tambourine are tested in this review to show off the versatility of the Stealth's setting modes and mighty power of its sound.

Click here to find out more about the Aston Stealth.

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