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Mixing in great company - FOH legend Dave Lamb

Category : Producers

Top sound engineer Dave Lamb tours the world delivering great front of house sound for some of the biggest acts around.

As a teenager he got tuned in to the Punk and New Wave movements, listening to bands like Echo and the Bunnymen and Tubeway Army, but the credits he has collected over the past three decades have been more ecletic, spanning stadium acts and singer songwriters through to a Motown tour and even a comic opera.

A former house engineer with London venues including the Hackney Empire and Astoria, Dave told us sound engineering was initially just a way of earning money to cover his playing in bands. 

His preference for live music has been lifelong. In a 1989 interview (above) the young musician bemoans the number of bands neglecting live work in favour of the studio. Fast forward to him mixing for acts like Blur, Maximo Park and Pharrell Williams among many others.

On stage Dave uses the full suite of Aston mics, Origins, Spirits and Starlights. He takes a keen interest in the tools of his trade and told us of his fondness for d&b speakers, DIgico consoles and added:

“and now I love my Aston mics even more, all of them, as much as my 1967 Gretsch.”

At the time of writing Dave was heading off on tour with Swedish band Peter, Bjorn and John, with gigs scheduled in Romania, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany before crossing the Atlantic for a series of USA and Canada dates.

He will have his Astons with him, saying they are the only mics he packs when flying to gigs. We’re pleased to hear that Dave! Welcome to the family and thanks for your support.

Read the full article with sound engineer Dave Lamb here:


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