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Submotion Orchestra's Dom Howard and his do-it-all Aston Origin

Category : Producers

Producer, composer, DJ and musician Dom Howard has played to some seriously big crowds. He was the first UK dubstep artist to play in Mexico City, has toured USA and Russia and had a residency with the Valve Sound System, the near-legendary touring drum’n’bass sound rig developed by the producer Dillinja.

In 2009 he formed Submotion Orchestra, the dubstep, soul, ambient electronica, jazz and dub inspired seven-piece band now with five successful albums to their name and an ongoing busy touring schedule. Dom engineers and produces for the band, and tells us he’s also keeping busy in his own studio, where he writes and produces music commercially:

“I feel like now I’m starting to chill out a little bit on the touring side of things and playing big gigs. I’ve got my heart set more on film soundtracks and like bigger projects that involve a lot more composition and a lot more studio time.”

Dom’s Aston Origin is his exclusive go-to microphone for such projects:

“To be honest, I just have the Origin in the vocal booth now. It’s there for whatever I want to record, it’s a permanent fixture.”


Welcome to the Aston family Dom!

Read our interview with Dom Howard here.

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