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Musician and Producer Tom Beaujour on Starlights, Nuthouse and Side Boob

Category : Producers

Tom Beaujour transitioned from the world of music journalism to performing and producing music that other music journalists now write about. He has worked with Nada Surf, Guided By Voices and many others, and co-created the fictional band Side Boob which appears in the TV hit Orange is the New Black.

Currently ‘between studios’ – his last facility, Nuthouse in Hoboken, became difficult to work in when a power-lifting gymnasium moved in on the floor below – Tom is using various other facilities while he looks for a more permanent recording home. Working in different environments has, he told us, made him more reliant on mics he knows he can trust.

Aston Starlight SDCs are in his ‘box of stuff’ that goes to all Tom’s sessions. He uses them as overheads and also acoustic guitars:

“I really like the Starlights on acoustics. I want acoustic guitars to sound like a Rolling Stones or Nick Drake record, I don’t want them to sound zingy, and with the Starlights I get exactly what I need. I like them for overheads too. I don’t want bright overheads. When we’re tracking an album in two days you can’t be changing overheads every song.”

Welcome to the family Tom!

Read our full interview with Tom Beaujour here.

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