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Aston Halo – Reflection filter technology

Category : Products

The Aston Halo reflection filter and portable vocal booth can claim a number of firsts, most importantly, of course, its unparalleled performance in taming unruly room acoustics. Then there are the aesthetics, a breath of fresh air after years of me too products. 

The Halo is also unique in terms of its construction. This curvaceous beauty is made from a patented PET felt, which offers some significant advantages over previous reflection filter designs:

Firstly the Halo is surprisingly lightweight given its effectiveness and its strength, a result of advanced technical acoustical design resulting in a truly portable unit which is completely stable when mounted on a regular microphone stand. This has made possible Halo’s custom design easy-mount hardware for quick and easy set-up.

Secondly, PET felt’s molecular structure makes it an extremely efficient sound absorber. 

Thirdly the use of 70% recycled PET plastic (an abbreviation of Polyethylene Terephthalate) in the Halo’s manufacture ensures this highly technically advanced product is also environmentally friendly.

So PET, variations of which are also widely used in the manufacture of bottles and packaging, combined with cutting edge innovation, has made possible a product which provides significant improvements over traditional reflection filter designs in every single department; performance, portability, stability, aesthetics and eco-friendliness.

The Halo comes in Aston purple, the Halo Shadow in a sleek dark grey, to fit in with any studio’s colour scheme.

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