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Neil Fraser of tindersticks and the Aston Spirit

Category : Artists

Guitarist Neil Fraser is a founder member of tindersticks, the UK alternative rock band whose distinctive orchestral-infused sound can be heard on a string of critically acclaimed albums and film soundtracks. The band’s latest album ‘No Treasure But Hope’ is released in November with a special vinyl versions among the format options.

Armed with his red DeArmond Starfire guitar and the Aston Spirit he uses to mic his Vox AC15 amp, Neil will be taking to the road again with the band in 2020 with a series of European and USA dates, including a headline appearance a London’s Royal Festival Hall.

Neil came across his mic of choice when his FOH engineers used one on his stage amp:

“I thought the Spirit he used looked very special, expensive and sounded amazing.” He told us during our recent interview.

“I thought there’s no way I could afford one of those, I was gladly wrong so I went and got one for myself straight away!”

Check out the new tindersticks album and forthcoming tour here.

Read our exclusive interview with Neil Fraser here.



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