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Mixdown Magazine give their verdict on the Aston Element - Spoiler...They love it!

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“An excellently designed and likeable microphone.”

The glowing reviews for the Aston Element keep rolling in. In this latest evaluation Liam McShane from Australia's premier Musical Instrument and Audio Technology publication, Mixdown Magazine, takes a deep dive into the Element’s ground-breaking features.

“it is sure to be seen as a highly influential, evolutionary cornerstone, for years to come.”

Everything about Element is indeed innovative, from the Ridyon™ capsule – the first all-new capsule design in decades – which combines the best features of dynamic, condenser and ribbon mic tech, through the backlit LED, which not only glows to confirm the presence of 48V phantom power but also forms part of the audio signal path, right down to the bundled, bespoke design shock mount and pop filter.

Incredibly, all this comes in at a price usually associated with harsh-sounding starter mics. You can add an Element to your collection for just £159 / 179€ / $199. This unprecedented value for money was not lost on Liam McShane:

“Element is one of the most forward thinking Studio mics I’ve ever encountered, regardless of price point.”

More than 4000 customers from all across the world famously helped define the sound of Element in peer-reviewed blind listening tests against the biggest brands in the business. Several rounds of voting were each followed by prototype revisions and only when the new mic was consistently outperforming all the ‘best in class’ mics it was pitted against was the final iteration signed off. The resulting voicing has met with rave responses in every review to date, and Mixdown are the latest respected audio authority to heap praise on the game-changing microphone.

“The Element represents a great advancement in microphone technology, and maintains Aston’s reputation for delivering cutting edge designs and best-in-price performance.”

Despite the low price point, no corners were cut in the construction of the mic, and confidence in is build quality is such that Element comes with a full 10 year warranty. Simply register your new Element (https://www.astonmics.com/EN/my-aston) to extend the standard 2-year warranty to a full 10 years! 

Our thanks to Liam McShane and the team at Mixdown for the latest stunning review of the Aston Element.

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