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Iwan Gronow on Manchester, Johnny Marr and Aston mics.

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Moving to the big city is a well-trodden path for many bands looking to further their prospects but when Iwan Gronow made the journey from Cornwall to the lights of Manchester in 2001, he was in better company than most. His band, Haven, included the now legendary guitarist Johnny Marr and was managed by the late great Joe Moss.

Haven went on to achieve single and album chart successes and Iwan moved on to new projects, including a collaboration with band mate Tom Twemlow under the name The Mutineers. The pair then launched Eyecatchmusic, writing sync music for film and TV. Alongside his own production work, Iwan is also playing bass in Johnny Marr’s band.

Iwan uses Aston Origin, Spirit and Starlight mics in his work, for a variety of applications including recording acoustic guitars, drums and vocals:

“For well over a year now I have been using Aston mics and they have simply trumped any other mics we have used.” He told us.

Glad to hear the mics are doing their thing Iwan! Welcome to the family!

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