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Al Murray on Pub Landlords, Fat Cops and Aston mics

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Al Murray has achieved worldwide acclaim as a stand-up comedian, especially when he dons the jacket and tie of his alter ego, the anglophile ‘Pub Landlord’. Now he is gaining recognition for his musical talents, as drummer with his band Fat Cops, who just released their self-named debut album and have been wowing audiences with their live shows, earning the act a credibility noted by the Sun newspaper, who said: “To call them a novelty act would do them a gross disservice”.

Al has been playing drums since the age of nine and his passion extends to his becoming a director of boutique manufacturer The British Drum Company alongside, among others, Kasabian’s Ian Matthews and the Verve’s Pete Matthews.

He also writes and records and produced some of the material on the Fat Cops album. He has a sizeable studio at home and Aston microphones feature heavily in his set-up:

“I am using a pair of Origins as overheads and Starlights, one on the hi-hats and one on the ride cymbal. And it’s like a no brainer, the Starlight with the laser, it is so accurate, and you can point it the bell of the high hat and that’s exactly what you get back.”

With the drum and microphone markets both dominated by age-old technologies and designs, Al Murray’s interest in Aston came from the company sharing with The British Drum Company a spirit of innovation:

“Like Aston, we like to look at things from the bottom up and pose the question, why does it have to be like this?”


We couldn't agree more. Welcome Al and thanks for your support!


Read our exclusive interview with Al Murray here:

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