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Dizzee Rascal lands new EP and joins the Halo stars

Category : Artists

Dizzee Rascal posted a behind the scenes glimpse of him working on his new EP, Don’t Gas Me, which released this week, and the photo shows he’s been using an Aston Halo reflection filter to iron out any problems with the room acoustics.

The EP features five tracks which include collaborations with Skepta, P Money and C Cane. It’s the English rapper’s first release since last year’s studio offering Raskit and marks a return to his grime roots or, as he puts it, closer to his ‘original stuff’.

Dizzee is the latest artist to turn to the Halo for his vocal sound, joining Drake, Gary Barlow, Stevie Wonder and many others.

The Halo represents a huge leap forward in reflection filter and portable vocal both technology. Unlike its predecesors it offers 360° coverage, to deal with floor and ceiling reflections (invariably a bigger nuisance than horzontal ones) plus it features effective front an back diffusion - far more important in treating room acoustics than simple sound absorption alone. It is also lighter, more stable and far better looking!

Welcome to the Aston family Dizzee! Don't Gas Me is available for download from all major platforms and you can check out the tracks from the new EP on Dizzee's website here:

Find out why the Aston Halo is finding its way into so many top artists’ recording environments:

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