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Ariana Grande and Shoshana Bean join Jason Robert Brown for Virtual SubCulture Concert

Category : Artists

Stars go virtual with Aston Origin

Downtown NYC's SubCulture performing arts venue hosted Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown’s Artist-in-Residency virtual concert.

Brown welcomed his longtime band to the stage for a special performance and was joined by guest stars and extraordinary vocalists Ariana Grande and Shoshana Bean.

Ariana Grande performed a beautiful version of “Still Hurting” from 'The Last Five Years' and Shoshana Bean delivered her distinctive vocals with the Aston Origin on her soulful rendition of ‘The Hardest Hill’ by Jason Robert Brown.

Ariana showed her appreciation for Shoshana on her Instagram stories recording herself watching her perform on the virtual concert.

Interviewed by Broadway.com, Brown said: “What I have missed and mourned the most over these last extraordinary weeks has been my ability to connect with music—to play and sing with other musicians and to feel the audience responding,” 

“Sitting here watching the news go by, I had to do something. I had to figure out some way to let these notes and words in my head come out and be shared with my collaborators and my audience, and so, here we are. All of us in our homes, making music however and whenever we can, with an amazing team to help pull it all together, and two of the greatest singers on the planet Earth. We’ve put together a show about what we’ve lost, what we’ve discovered and what we’re grateful for, and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

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