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Singing with the stars, and Aston mics, top vocalist Amy Keys

Category : Artists

We are proud to welcome to the Aston family one of the world’s most in demand singers!

Backing vocalist Amy Keys got noticed singing at Mr. Henry’s in Washington - the same venue where Roberta Flack started out - and got signed to CBS Sony before embarking on an astonishing career sharing the world’s stages with the greats. From touring with Phil Collins to singing with a galaxy of greats including Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand and Sting, Amy is hot property in the world of BVs.

Amy also finds time to record for commercials and other projects in her LA recording facility, which she has furnished with the full set of Aston microphones.

“As soon as I heard the crispness of my voice on a couple of the Aston mics it was “Oh my god yeah, I am definitely interested” because not every microphone does that for my voice. A lot of times I’ll just get mush and mud which is not what my clients want!”

“I’ve got my Aston Swiftshield with the Shock Mount, I’ve got all my goodies, I’ve got the Halo, I’ve got all my stuff set up here in the studio.” Amy told us.

Read about Amy Keys’ stellar career in our exclusive interview here.

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