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Aston Stealth survives inter-dimensional galactic battle

Category : Artists

Interdimensional metal band Gloryhammer are creating space-time ruptures across the stages of Europe and keyboardist Zargothrax, Dark Emperor of Dundee, has chosen an Aston Stealth as his vocal mic for the shows.

The armour-clad five piece are well into an extensive European tour with dates across the continent stretching through to February 2020. This follows their first USA headline tour earlier in 2019.

Gloryhammer’s lastest album ‘Legends from beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex’ was released in May to widespread acclaim from the metal fraternity, with Distorted Sound magazine calling it ‘their best record to date.’ The album picks up the story of legendary Prince Angus McFife XIII and his quest to save the Kingdom of Fife from the evil of Zargothrax.

Zargothrax took time out from his devious wizardry to tell us how the Stealth was faring on stage with the very fabric of time collapsing around it:

"My unholy incantations of pure evil never sounded so good!" he told us.

Quite appropriate that Stealth’s four voices include a ‘Dark’ setting, then…


Check out Gloryhammer’s forthcoming live dates on their official website:

Learn more about the microphone everyone’s talking about, the Aston Stealth


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