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Ricky Gervais latest star captured by True Geordie’s Aston Spirit

Category : Artists


Podcast-masters and Aston advocate True Geordie’s latest guest is legendary comedian Rick Gervais. 


The star and creator of The Office, Extras, Derek and countless stand-up shows reveals all about his new show Afterlife, soon to be released on Netflix. During the interview - recorded as usual on multiple Aston Spirit condenser mics - Ricky explains why he believes stand up is the holy grail of comedy, how he enjoys being in front of an audience and the freedom of expression that it has bought him.


Afterlife centres around Gervais' character Tony who, struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife, “adopts a gruff new persona in an effort to push away those trying to help” (Netflix preview).


It’s another heartwarming and engaging interview from True Geordie, who have amassed an impressive array of guests on the hit podcast. Aston are proud to be delivering the audio for their ever-growing list of celebrities, from Alan Shearer and Ian Wright to Robbie Williams and Dizzee Rascal.


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