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Celebrating Bowie with Aston artist Gerry Leonard

Category : Artists

Guitarist Gerry Leonard (left, above) pictured wearing his favourite Aston tee-shirt on the ABC Bowie sessions in New York. ABC stands for ‘A Bowie Celebration’; a collective of former Bowie band members led by Mike Garson, David's long time piano player. Gerry is pictured with Sterling Campbell (Drums) and Emir Kassan the original bass player on the Bowie track “Fame”

The webcast helped raise money for the Save The Children charity, in an initiative organised by Rolling Live Studios virtual events company and streaming network.

The Dublin born guitar virtuoso was Bowie’s axeman of choice for his 'Heathen' and ‘Reality’ albums and tours through to the recording of ‘The Next Day’ comeback album. Gerry is also known for his collaborations with Suzanne Vega and Rufus Wainwright among many others. His massive guitar sound is captured on stage using Aston Stealth, Spirit and a matched pair of Starlight mics. “I used the Stealth and the Spirit on either side of a two-amp set-up recently and that was a really satisfying combination!” he told us.


 Check out this clip of Bowie’s classic, Fashion from the show (below).


Read our full, exclusive interview with Gerry Leonard



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