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Recording Magazine team get to grips with the Aston Element

Category : Reviews

One of the world’s most respected audio journals, USA’s Recording Magazine, were nothing but thorough when faced with reviewing the new Aston Element. They not only produced an in-depth print review (in their Feb 2021 issue), but this amazing video, in which they put Element to the test across a range of applications, culminating in a full band performance.


“Beautifully captures vocals and acoustic guitars.”


In the true spirit of the Element project – the mic was famously developed by public vote – the review sample was shared between three of the magazine’s senior movers and shakers, Editor Pau Vnuk Jr., Associate Editor Alex Hawley and reviewer and professional drummer David Blascoe.

Between them, in a variety of studio environments, they tested Element on voice, acoustic guitar and drums, before enlisting the help of Gerry Baccash on bass and Matthew Lautz on vocals to record a full track using only Element, an ambitious feat reminiscent of the recent ‘Stealth Challenge’, where another Aston world-beater was tasked with capturing a full band playing live.


“Remarkably clear and natural sounding.”


The ensemble recording saw Element used for lead vocals, acoustic and amped electric guitars, bass, Rhodes piano, drums and percussion. No EQ, compression or effects were added, so on the video all you hear is Element, er… in its element.

 In the review Element certainly found favour among the discerning trio: “Impressive …remarkably clear and natural sounding …beautifully captures vocals and acoustic guitars” were among their conclusions.

And, in what is becoming a recurring theme for Aston’s latest release, Editor Paul Vnuk Jr. noted how Element’s performance stands up against far more expensive options, with the price tag just the icing on the cake: “Element is a mic that I find myself reaching for simply because I want the sound it offers; the price, while a huge bonus, just makes owning one sweeter ...Element certainly punches above its weight class, and maybe above the next one too.”


“Element certainly punches above its weight class, and maybe above the next one too.”


And summing-up, he added: This microphone is truly the voice of the people …The Element comes in at $199 street, and all of us agree - that’s impressive.“

Our thanks to the team at Recording Magazine for their amazing, in depth look at ‘The People’s Microphone’.


In addition to the video above, you can read Recording Magazine’s print review of Aston Element HERE

Also check out their series of podcasts, including their interview with Aston CEO James Young HERE


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