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Earth Wind and Fire’s David Whitworth has the Aston Spirit

Category : Artists

David Whitworth got turned on to music when he heard the Temptations as a child and decided he wanted to do whatever they were doing! He did his first paid gig at the age of 14, playing trumpet for a friend’s band at a wedding. There was an Earth Wind and Fire track on the set list abut little did he know, at the time, that he would go on to enjoy two decades as frontman and singer for the funk legends.

When he’s not on tour with EWF David writes and records his own material at home, using old Radioshack speakers for monitoring, and an Aston Spirit mic for his vocals.

“I always look for the mic that helps me the most and the Spirit, it helps.” David told us.

As busy as ever, Earth Wind and Fire begin a six-night residency in Las Vegas on March 20th before embarking on a tour which includes dates at the Cincinnati Jazz Festival and, in September, two shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

We're proud to welcome David Whitworth to the family!

Read our exclusive interview with Earth Wind and Fire’s David Whitworth here.

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