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53 number ones and counting - Session legend Geoff Dugmore

Category : Artists

Drummer, MD and producer Geoff Dugmore has worked with countless iconic artists including Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Robbie Williams, Debbie Harry, Dido, Natalie Imbruglia, Johnny Hallyday and with his own bands, The Europeans and Wildlife.

Alongside his illustrious career as a drummer - he has played on 53 number ones and 89 top 20 albums - Geoff is increasingly in demand as a producer. His current projects include working with up and coming young songwriter Calum Frame whose songs, Geoff told us, call to mind “early Floyd, Tom Petty or Rufus Wainwright”.

Geoff has a few Aston mics and uses them for a variety of application. Recent sessions have seen a Spirit used on a snare drum and an Origin as an overhead in a three-mic drum kit set up. The Spirit has also found favour for capturing acoustic guitar:

“I used the Spirit on Calum’s acoustic guitar and it was perfect as it was very real. It went along with the vibe that we were trying for. We put it on the Martin acoustic and it just sang. It just worked, you know?”

Geoff has long been a friend of Aston Microphones and is a member of the Aston 33, a panel of industry engineers, producers and artists who help voice new Aston products pre-release, ensuring that each new microphone is the best in its class. The panel has now grown from the original 33 to more than 90 members. Geoff has recently spent time at Aston's HQ helping our engineers with the latest project (of which news coming soon...!).

Thanks for your support Geoff. Proud to have you in the family!

You can read the full interview with Geoff Dugmore here:

And catch up with Geoff on Facebook: 






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