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Producer Chris Craker on Aston mics, Jamiroquai and the King of Thailand...

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Producer Chris Craker has worked with musical royalty, both in the usual metaphorical sense, with an array of diverse artists spanning Jamiroquai and Bullet for my Valentine, through Hans Zimmer and James Horner, to some of the world’s leading orchestras, but also quite literally, having produced eleven CDs by the late King of Thailand!

Chris and his team at Karma Studios in Thailand are responsible for countless chart hits the world over, and more than two billion streams in the past year alone. Chris left the corporate side of the record industry to set up the idyllic facility, taking inspiration from Sir George Martin’s Air in Monserrat in the Caribbean. Dave Nally, who set up Air, restored the vintage 80’s SSL console which is now at the heart of the Karma complex, and visits the studios a couple of times a year to ‘tweak’ things.

The SSL forms part of an impressive equipment list at Karma, which boasts three studios, monitoring by B&W, ATC and Genelec, the latest pro Tools systems, a host of outboard and of course a substantial collection of microphones, in which Aston Origins and Spirits are fixtures.

"I use Aston mics as a go-to whenever I’m doing pop tracks.” Chris told us. He originally heard about the brand from a musician friend: “He dropped a note saying ‘these mics are really incredible’ so I went out and bought one. And then I went and bought two more and gifted a couple to people too!”

We appreciate the support Chris – welcome to the family!

Read about Chris Craker’s path from Abbey Road to Thailand and an incredible career, spanning more than 450 albums and countless other musical projects, in our exclusive interview here:


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