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First Aston Stealth pro audio reviews hit the news stands

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The reviews for our newest baby, Stealth, are coming in thick and fast and the response has been phenomenal. The mic’s performance, versatility and groundbreaking features have all received rave responses, not only from the world’s most respected pro audio journalists, but also from those covering other sectors, including spoken word, broadcast and gaming.

Here’s what some of the key audio publications have had to say about Stealth:


In their 10/10 review, MusicTech magazine’s Mike Hillier said:

“The Aston Stealth is a fantastic mic. The advantage of having four voicings should not be underestimated – it’s like having four microphones in one.

Just as it did with the Origin, Spirit and Starlight before, Aston is reconfiguring the microphone industry, providing exceptional microphones at entry-level prices.”


Sound On Sound magazine’s Hugh Robjohns liked what he heard:

“This new microphone sets a very high bar for sound quality and the build quality is excellent.

An innovative and imaginative company with another unexpected 'industry first'.”


Australian audio bible Mixdown had kind words, both for Stealth and for the company who created it:

“Stealth could be thrown up in front of any instrument or sound source and you’ll find a sound that sits nicely amongst an arrangement or that pops out to take centre stage if that’s what you need.

Aston microphones are built in Britain, and their intuitive design makes them a true workhorse that will be heard on countless records for years to come. Sincerely, they are a legend in the making.”


Comparisons between Stealth and the popular Shure SM7B have been a recurring theme, and unanimously favourable! For example, high-end audio magazine Resolution commented:

“As a £299 alternative to the SM7B, it would be more than up to the task with just a single voicing. The other three are bonuses.”


Read more Aston Stealth reviews here:






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