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VTR North - Two engineers on the Aston Spirit.

Category : Producers

VTR North are a busy production and post-production company based in the heart of Leeds. Their client list is extensive and varied including blue chip companies such as Jet2, Vidal Sassoon, Lottoland, The BBC, Mercedes Benz and Premier Inn. 

On audio duties are engineers Spencer Bain and Alex Knowles. They use and Aston spirit condenser mic for vocal work.

On a daily basis, the projects these two are working on could be anything from TV commercials, radio commercials, sound effects for animation, web videos, and lots of voice recording. VTR North record mainly in their in-house vocal booth but also remotely via ISDN and Source Connect.

“Our clients all have one thing in common.” Spencer told us,

“They all need their message to be delivered with exacting detail and intelligibility. The choice of voice talent and quality of recording is absolutely paramount, and we need to deliver the finished product on time and on budget, so we need audio equipment that we can absolutely rely upon”.

“The Aston Spirit microphone has been a fantastic addition to our vocal booth” added Alex.

“I always use it with the High pass filter off, I love the fullness and detail that I capture this way. I tailor the recordings with a little EQ to remove a touch of bottom end afterwards”.

You can hear the unquestionably fine results that both these approaches achieve on the VTR North website - https://www.vtrnorth.co.uk/showreel

The Aston Spirit was developed, like all Aston mics, with direct input from a panel of top industry artists, engineers and producers (known as the Aston 33, although their number has grown to well over 90), whothrough blind listening tests heled ensure the Spirit was top of its class in terms of sound quality and character before it was released to market.

It features a 1” gold evaporated capsule and offers omni-directional, cardioid and figure-of-eight polar patterns. This versatility makes it popular for use in a range of applications and it is a popular choice for all kinds of vocal work and spoken word, producing natural, transparent and details.

Thanks to Spencer and Alex from VTR North for sharing their thoughts on the Aston Spirit. Find out more about VTR North’s creative and post production services here.

 And join them on Facebook here.

For further information on the Aston Spirit condenser microphone click here.





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