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Introducing the Limited Edition Aston Origin Black Bundle

Category : Products

Announced at the 2020 NAMM Show, The Aston Origin Black Bundle includes a new take on Aston’s first and most famous microphone, the Origin. With its textured black finish set off by Aston’s unique wave-form spring head, this is one seriously slick addition to any studio set up and, as Origin’s growing worldwide fan club of audio professionals will tell you, an unbelievable sounding microphone, which out-performs mics costing far, far more.

This is the mic Gearslutz called “The U87 for the new millennium.”

Resolution magazine said: “The performance of Origin far exceeds what you might expect for the price”

And Sound On Sound also liked what they heard: “Smooth yet well focused…depth, warmth and detail in equal measure.”

This limited edition production set – only 2000 will be available worldwide – teams the Origin with the Aston SwiftShield, a ground breaking combination of quick release shock mount and sleek, curved pop shield; the perfect pairing for professional grade recording of vocals, instruments and pretty much anything else you can think of putting in front of it.

As Tape Op magazine put it: “If you're in the market for a shock mount and pop filter combination, the SwiftShield should be your first choice.”

Track down the new Origin Black Bundle studio microphone production set while you can – they’ll disappear fast…


£259 / 299€ / $369

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