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Chile Performs 'Wasting Time' using the Aston Spirit on Vocals

Category : Artists

London-based electro-pop trio Chilè have just released a fantastic live session of their tropical track 'Wasting Time'. The video was filmed at their London apartment and produced by Kamil Ku┼║miak. The band have enlisted the Aston Spirit for vocals in the live session, letting the mic do a magical job of capturing vocalist and sample-pad player Marta's performance. We think it sounds absolutely brilliant, so a massive thanks to Chilè for delivering some much-needed tropical vibes to January!

Chilè are a band definitely worth keeping an eye on in 2019, so get to know them on their Aston New Talent page to find out more about their songwriting, background, and why Aston mics are their go-to for vocals.

Thanks for being a part of the Aston Family!


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