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Nothing but Thieves Guitarist Dom Craik Joins the Aston Family

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Nothing But Thieves founder-member, guitarist and confirmed Aston mics fan, Dom Craik had racked up some serious guitar chops by the time he was 11, and by 17 he had found the perfect line up to take his band forward. 

Thier highly anticipated new album 'Moral Panic' is due to be released on the 23rd October with latest singles 'Real Love Song' and 'Impossible' garnering great reactions from fans and the press. They have been using The Aston Origin and Stealth all over there new album on everything from Connor's vocals to Guitar and Drums.

Their unique brand of British rock involving phenomenal vocals and stadium worthy tracks has brought on board fans from all over the world. With 700,000 album sales and 750 million streams to date and a #2 spot in the album charts with their 2017 release ‘Broken Machine’, the UK guitar outfit don’t seem to have put a foot wrong since forming in 2012

Nothing But Thieves have been using the full suite of Aston Mics on many of their recent recordings, they've put them to good use on everything from vocals to guitars to drums, and in particular, they have showcased the Origin and Stealth on the 'Lockdown' sessions they have put together. 

“I was starting to see Aston microphones everywhere; on Instagram and seeing them in mag reviews. I’ve got mates who live in the middle of Arizona using them. I’m thinking ‘wow these microphones are everywhere, there must be a reason - it’s pretty much a sign!’”. - Dom Craik

Seeing their touring and release schedule, like so many bands, disrupted by the Covid 19 outbreak, NBT have found innovative ways to keep engaging with their fans, including their homegrown, collaborative ‘Solitude Sessions’.

Dom took time out to explain the band’s journey and how they’re using their lockdown time to keep the music coming.

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