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Aston Live featuring Rosppik, an Aston Spirit and the Black Origin!

Category : Artists

Hear the Aston mics range in action

The newest episode of Aston Live is now on the Aston Youtube Channel!

Recorded in conjunction with Aston partners The Caligaris at Pirate Studios, using Aston mics throughout, this brand new Aston Live features up and coming stars Rosppik, who have an eclectic musical style featuring ethereal vocals, and stunning composition. 

In the latest Aston Live session,  Ema Zucca, Ziga Copi from Rosppik join The Caligaris with an Aston Spirit and Aston Black Origin and perform a beautiful song called 'Delay' 

Check out the other Aston Live sessions with hip-hop artist Marlo, ‘cosmic soul’/synth pop from Cosmic Sun, boxroom music from Marcus-Data, music from our hosts, the Caligaris and some mighty-fine singer-songwriters. Tune in and hear how Aston mics sound for pretty much every musical style!

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