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The Aston 33 - The inspiration behind the world's first 'People's Microphone'

Category : Producers

Project Element - join the Aston Family Developer team

In a world-first, we're inviting all of you, the musicians, engineers and producers who will be using the new Aston Element microphone to unleash your creativity, to decide exactly how the finished mic will sound. By registering to be a member of the Aston Family Developer panel you'll be able to participate in the testing, and rating, of the prototypes, by means of blind-listening tests of downloadable audio files. At every stage, the mic will be re-engineered according to YOUR votes until, together, we've created something special!

So where did the idea for the world’s first ‘customer-designed’ mic come from?

Actually, Aston have created all their award-winning mics so far using a similar blind-testing process with hundreds of the top producers, engineers and artists in the world… But now it’s time to let everyone in on the action! Here’s the history…

The ‘classics’ of the mic world differentiate themselves by having their own subtle yet recognisable sonic character, and this is subjective. So how do you know in advance if your new mic design is going to please the ears of the world’s top music and audio professionals?

Simple. You ask them. In fact, Aston went further and invited them to participate in the R&D right from the start of every mic project. The resulting panel of experts, affectionately named the Aston 33 after the original 33 panel members, now comprises more than 600 top producers, engineers and artists from around the globe, 120 of whom took part in the testing procedures for the development of the 2020 TEC Award-winning Aston Stealth.

No other brand develops their microphones this way, in fact it is unique in the Pro Audio technology industry, and it’s the reason Aston mics sound SO good. Aston work with the very best ears in the industry.

And now it’s your turn!


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