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Pop and Shock – Aston Element’s unique studio partners

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Element is one incredible mic – so we made accessories to match

Buying a shock mount and pop shield set from some of the ‘major’ mic brands can set you back well over £250/$300. And that’s before you’ve bought the microphone!

With the new Aston Element, you get both – completely FREE. And what’s more, they’ve been specifically designed, from ground-up, to fit the amazing new mic that Music Tech magazine have called “a game-changer” and Sound On Sound magazine; “a breath of fresh air in the affordable microphone market”.

As with all Aston’s products, the Element Shock Mount and Shield are the results of a completely fresh look at the traditional designs these two studio essentials have relied on for decades. Convenience, ease of use, speed of attachment and superlative performance were all part of the design team’s brief - and, of course, beautiful lines to complement the sleek new mic.

The shock mount is designed to clip to Element faster than you can say “hit single” and cradles the mic perfectly to prevent unwanted vibrations entering the audio chain and ruining that killer vocal take. All of us who make music appreciate a little support, and the Element Shock Mount will provide plenty, for years to come.

Element’s proprietary pop shield is, if we say so ourselves, ingenious. No more wrestling with screw threads and wobbling mic stands, no more mid-session adjustments to compensate for gradual droop. The Element Pop Shield attaches to the mic just as quickly as the shock mount, in exactly the correct position, and stays there. This is achieved utilising specially designed magnets, which are shielded from the capsule to ensure the audio remains completely free of artefacts. Using some of the technology developed for Aston’s award-winning SwiftShield, Element’s shield is supremely effective, all-but eliminating unwanted plosives and ‘esses’. It’s tough too. As Sound on Sound magazine mentioned in their glowing review; “The pop-shield construction is worthy of note as it uses an elegant, precision-machined metal grill.”

You can even turn the pop shield upside down on the mic when recording instruments, so you don’t have to keep putting it away between takes. It’s one hell of a time-saver, it looks stunning, and it serves its primary function faultlessly.

The Element bundle is now shipping and costs just £159/€179/$199 - and yes, that includes the microphone! It’s the world’s quietest mic, with the widest frequency range of any with a moving coil (dynamic, condenser etc.)* Tailored for the singer/songwriter, Sound On Sound call it “Full, smooth and detailed” and “Surprisingly versatile.” Music Tech were just as enthused; “…an astonishing mic… easily outperforms most similarly priced condensers.”

The ‘People’s Microphone’, Aston Element has the sound that thousands of you voted for. The FREE Shock Mount and Pop Shield included in the bundle have been specially developed to ensure that’s exactly the sound that gets captured, every time.

* Measured in tests by world authority NTi Audio


Please note, the Element Shock Mount and Pop Shield have been designed specifically for use with the Aston Element microphone.


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