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Why buy an Aston Origin?

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Origin was Aston’s first mic and the one that defined the brand. It’s the ultimate, easy-to-use all-rounder for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and pretty much anything else you point it at.

As a large-diaphragm condenser mic, Origin is pretty sensitive – it gives you well-defined bass and detailed highs and there’s none of the harshness you often get especially from lower priced condensers. Many users report that they don’t need to EQ their recordings when using Origin – it just sits nice and warm in the mix as it is.


What do the switches do?

Origin has a 10dB pad which allows you to record louder sound-sources without overloading the capsule. It also has a bass roll-off to remove unwanted low frequencies


What else is cool?

Origin is virtually indestructible and will give you a lifetime’s trouble-free service.

Even if you drop it, Aston’s signature waveform spring head can be pushed back into shape in seconds and no one will ever know!

Origin features direct-to-stand mounting and Aston’s unique, beautiful, tumbled finish.


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