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Why buy an Aston Stealth?

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Stealth is unlike any other mic on the market, one of the reasons it won the coveted NAMM TEC Award for ‘Best Microphone’ in 2020.

In terms of professional-level mics, it’s the most versatile beast on the market. It’s a cardioid pattern moving coil mic which can be used passively, as a dynamic mic or in active mode, courtesy of a built-in Class A preamp which boosts the signal by a hefty 50dB. In active mode it behaves more like a studio condenser.

Then there are four voices to choose from, V1, V2, G and D (Vocal 1, Vocal 2, Guitar and Dark, the latter reminiscent of a vintage ribbon mic). These are not ‘modelled’ or even based on different EQ presets, but distinct signal paths, meaning Stealth is really four world-class mics in one.

Like all Aston mics, Stealth was developed in conjunction with the Aston 33 who, through a unique series of blind listening tests, ensured Stealth’s four voices were more than a match for pretty much any other mic on the market, regardless of price.


What do the switches do?

Stealth features a unique twist-ring switch tp select its four voices. It’s designed so it can’t be accidentally changed mid-take.

Also, on the underside of the mic is a button which disables the glowing LEDs for when the mic is to be heard but not seen (we call this ‘Stealth mode’!)


What else is cool?

The 'Stealth Challenge' saw Leeds Collegel of Music use Stealths exclusively (17 of them!) to record a band playing live. Watch the video here...



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