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Why buy an Aston Starlight?

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Starlight is Aston’s classic small-diaphragm, highly directional condenser mic – often known as a ‘pencil’ mic. But as with all Aston’s mics, apart from its pristine sound quality it also has some tricks up its sleeve…

Most noticeable is Starlight’s built-in laser!! This is no gimmick – it allows for precise targeting even when it’s high on a boom stand. And one reason so many tour engineers have fallen in love with this mic is that recalling a precise position, night after night in different venues, is a breeze. The other main reason is that there’s a choice of three voices, vintage, modern and hybrid, which allow for different sounds to be tried without changing mics.

Starlight will often be seen on the world’s biggest stagesdrum overheads duties or capturing ambient sound. It’s also a wonderful instrument mic, a go-to for many professionals working with cousitc instrumentalists and orchestras.


What do the switches do?

There’s a vintge/modern/hybrid voice selector plus a pad switch, a bass roll-off and a laser on/off switch (the laser is for positioning only and shouldn’t be turned on when the mic is in use as it can interfere with the signal).


What else is cool?

Starlights are also available in meticulously matched stereo pairs, opening up a new world of soundscape possibilities.


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