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Jayce Lewis
Jaycee singing at his live show
Jaycee Lewis with his custom Origin
Jaycee performing live

Jayce Lewis

Artist, Musician & Producer
Jayce Lewis
Northstone Studios

Jayce Lewis, multi-instrumentalist, lead singer, and generally all round super-talented rocker, has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz as well as being a hugely successful artist in how own right, talks about his passion for all things music, and Aston.

Brian May, Gary Numan, Dave Prowse, Roger Taylor, Fear Factory, Burton C Bell, Ascension of The Watchers
Mercury Rising

One of my first memories of music was seeing Queen live on stage at Live Aid when I was around 4 years old… Brian’s guitar sound and Freddie’s aura on stage made such a huge and lasting impression on me. Now, I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say that I have written music with both Roger Taylor and Brian May on my 2nd solo album (Nemesis) and my 3rd album (Million).

Although my first love was guitar, which I’ve played since I was 6 years old, and I had been known as drummer for most of my life on the road, I’m a multi-instrumentalist, and the ‘drummer’ reputation quickly changed in 2008 when I first released works as a solo Electronic artist/frontman, playing all the instruments on my debut album with my first label EMI Records, which also brought me my first top 10 slot.

A BBC documentary titled ‘Big In India’ followed suit, numerous world tours with artists such as Gary Numan, Killing Joke, Combichrist, Wes Borland, Hell Yeah and many more enabled me to sustain an 8 year solo career up to this point (2018), releasing my last two albums with Universal Music and multiple award nominated cinematic music videos. Quite a ride so far!

An Obsession with Sound

My love for production began around 2010. Not long after working on a software program called FL Studio by Image-Line. I was head hunted by them after they saw an interview on Kit Monsters discussing the equipment I use and why. The FL Studio team and I became quite close, which launched my fascination of the program, hunting to create the next incredible sound. From there I became obsessed with source sound, editing, producing and mixing, which ultimately led me to investing in my own modern-vintage recording studio called Northstone Studios. I write all my music now on FL Studio and have done since day 1 of being a solo artist. I use Cubase to record all organic instruments such as Vocals, and Guitars, and Pro Tools to record drums, production guitars, etc. My instruments are Tama Drums with Paiste Cymbals, Ibanez Guitars and bass with Laney Amps, and nearly everything is running through vintage Neve and Rupert Neve design outboard, with some very rare Rosser Preamps.

I use the Origin a lot - My own solo album ‘Million’, has nothing but Origins on drums (overheads and rooms) and I ALWAYS use it for my vocals. For room mic’ing it is just so well rounded… it’s insanely smooth, and incredible how polished my work sounds just by using that thing! I used it to record Burton C Bell vocals (Fear Factory/AoTW) and it worked so well with him too. If I’m recording acoustic guitars I use the starlight and Spirit all the time, and if I front mic the drums from a distance, I use the Spirit here as well.

Made in Heaven

I am very proud to say that I have been part of the Aston team since its conception, the original panel of 33 UK producers, engineers and artists many of us. James (Aston Owner) sent me a very rough digital image of this odd looking thing, which later became the ‘Origin’ and I was suitably intrigued! When blind testing these mic’s I was instantly impressed with one mic’s smoothness and ability to hold a tight response… eventually, after running through many test files, the test results were published and the mic most of us on the panel had chosen above all the others was later released as the Origin. When it came to its release and I first got my hands on the finished product, plugged it in and sang, I was straight on email to James with some pretty explicit language on how ****ing amazed I was with its sound and that I had just retired off my U87ai, which was boxed up and not used again since! I now use the whole Aston range and love them all.

I love that we are returning to UK manufacture on this product, it instantly gives it a prestige.


Q. If you weren’t working in music what would you be doing?
A. “Engineering or welding!”

Q. What would your fantasy mic be?
A.“An Aston Origin made of GOLD!”

Q. What are the 4 words you’d chose to describe Aston, or your experience with the brand?
A. “Robust, quality, smooth and brilliant team of people”

Q. What was the first song that made you cry?
A. "On my Heart by Mike Oldfield. I was leaving NYC and bawled my eyes out on the plane.”


“My desert Island artists…. Brian May, Queen, Robyn, Fear Factory, Mudvayne, Royksopp, Depeche Mode.”

Jayce Lewis

Fear Factory

Burton C Bell

Fire Fences

Ascension of the Watchers

Cosmic Ninja

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