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Win an Aston Origin with Jayce Lewis and FL Studio

Category : Artists

Producer and musician Jayce Lewis and FL Studio have teamed up to launch an epic remix contest and part of the grand prize is a unique Aston Origin condenser mic engraved with the FL logo, along with $1000 virtual cash to spend on Image Line software products.

Jayce, who has worked with Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen), Gary Numan, Fear Factory, and many others, has been collaborating with Image Line since 2010 when the software company saw an interview with him discussing the gear he was using.

Now FL Studio owners have been challenged to remix Jayce’s awesome new track DAW Martyr and have until 22nd December to create their masterpieces. The contest will be judged by Jayce and the Image Line team.

As the lyrics to DAW Martyr say:

'Automate, edit in this perfect grid
Keep it all – in lane'

Now here’s the chance to show how you work with one of the world’s most popular Digital Audio Workstations!


See the competition details here:

And visit the FL Studio site here:





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