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Why buy an Aston Spirit?

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Spirit might look like a longer Origin but inside it’s a completely different mic (Spirit has a transformer, Origin does not).

Spirit is a professional-grade large diaphragm condenser which often gets favourably compared to mics costing far more. With sparkling, detailed highs and fantastic detail throughout the frequency range, it’s many a top engineer’s choice for vocals and acoustic instruments. It’s also popular for drums and percussion.

Spirit is multi-pattern, offering a choice of cardiod, figure-of-eight and omni polar patterns, so if you need to record people surrounding the mic, or capture sound sources coming from different directiions it’s a great choice.


What do the switches do?

In addition to the polar pattern selctor switch, Spirit features a 10dB/20dB pad to cope with louder sound sources and a bass roll-off to remove unwanted low frequencies.


What else is cool?

Like Origin, Spirit is virtually indestructible and will give you a lifetime’s trouble-free service.

Even if you drop it, Aston’s signature waveform spring head can be pushed back into shape in seconds – good as new.

Spirit features direct-to-stand mounting and Aston’s unique, beautiful tumbled finish.


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