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Why buy an Aston Element?

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Well why wouldn’t you?

As your first serious mic or to add to your existing mic options Element is an absolute killer. Famously developed with the help of more than 4000 musicians, engineers and produces who voted on the sound of the final production mic, Element was designed from gound-up - including the amazing new Ridyon™ capsule – and it’s just full of surprises…

It’s an active moving coil mic (meaning it requires 48v phantom power) with a cardioid pattern. It excels on vocals and guitars but, as it has the widest frequency response of ANY moving coil mic, it will sound great on just about anything. It’s also been found to be the quietest mic (in a good way) on the planet!

Not only is the ‘People’s Microphone’ priced within everyone’s reach, it comes supplied with its oen custom designed shock mount and pop filter – for free!


What else is cool?

Element’s badge glows purple when the mic is receiving the phantom power it needs to operate. Oh, and the pop shield is magnetic, so it clings to the mic in exactly the right position and setting up this, and the clip-on shock mount, takes a matter of seconds.


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