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Session drummer Emily Dolan Davies discusses Aston mics, Bono and Arsene Wenger...

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Stellar session drummer Emily Dolan Davies tried guitar, bass, saxophone and the flute before discovering her ‘calling’ was playing drums. Her dad drew her attention to Neil Peart’s playing on ‘XYZ’ by Rush and Emily has not looked back since; her credits now include The Darkness, Bryan Ferry, Thompson Twins, The Hours, John Holden and Kim Wilde, who she is currently touring with.

In our interview Emily describes her passion for drums – and food – and shares some insights on life on the road, including playing with Bono and her dressing room meeting with ex Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger!

Emily uses an Aston Spirit as a room mic and a pair of Starlights for overheads:

“Before I was using these Audix pencil mics, which were fine, but the Starlights were just very obviously next level. It sounded brilliant.”

Emily also finds time to help young drummers finding their way, with a video series called ‘A Drummer’s Guide To..’ “where I basically answer the questions that I had as an 11,12,13 year-old drummer who wanted to be a professional. I want to help the younger version of me and let them know they’re not alone if they’re struggling.”

We’re proud to welcome Emily to the Aston family.

Read our full interview with session drummer Emily Dolan Davies here:

Check out Emily’s official website here:

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