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Aston Spirit’s starring role on Transformers soundtrack

Category : Artists

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum violinist, composer and producer Krishna Bissessar (AKA KrishnaMusic) used his Aston Spirit to record string parts for the blockbuster film, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. The NYC-born artist told us:

“Primarily I used the Aston Spirit specifically for definition and warmth. In my unbiased opinion with equipment, the Spirit is the best option for string players whether it be violin, viola, cello or bass. It’s really strong at picking up the warmth of higher pitched notes which is vital to a balanced mix. The Figure-of-8 polar pattern is also great for recording two stringed instruments at a time on opposite sides. Other than the quality of the sound, what a lot of people tend to forget about when searching for a mic, is its durability. The Spirit is quite literally a tank. I’ve clumsily dropped it twice on hardwood and yet there’s not even a noticeable scratch on it. I truly have no complaints and will continue to carry it to every session.”

Krishnamusic has worked with Drake, Don Toliver, 21 Savage, Kid Cudi and many more.

It’s great to hear the Aston Spirit is holding its own in such illustrious company and welcome, Krishnamusic, to the Aston family!

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