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Aston Halo - Reflected Glory

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Stevie Wonder, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Judas Priest and Gary Barlow are among the many artists now relying on the Aston Halo reflection filter and portable vocal booth for a great recorded sound, whatever the location.

Gary Barlow (Take That)Halos for the Stars

“I love the Halo Shadow, it helps me capture studio quality vocals wherever I am, whether that’s backstage on tour, or in a remote place with a view - it’s always with me.” explained Gary.

While Rik Simpson of Coldplay simply said: “The HALO is f***ing AMAZING!”

The Halo is a significant development in the evolution of the reflection filter concept - ground-up design innovation in a market previously saturated with dated and often ineffective products. The traditional designs, which have been around for well over a decade, are heavy, cumbersome, and what  acoustic absorption they do offer is only effective horizontally. The Aston Halo offers 360° filtering - top and bottom, not merely horizontal - a major improvement on what has gone before.

A huge leap forward in reflection filter performance

The Halo goes further, and is unique in offering built-in diffusion, arguably the most important element to tackle in treating room acoustics, with built-in ribs, front and rear. No other reflection filter addresses this issue.

Rik Simpson (Coldplay)

Size does matter, and the Halo is bigger than other portable booths, improving isolation and absorption. It achieves all this while, at the same time, being far lighter than the perforated-metal designs.

The Halo is made from one of the most lightweight, efficient and technical acoustic products available in the world, a patented PET felt unique to Aston Microphones. This also makes it a very environmentally friendly product as it is made from 70% recycled PET plastic. This lightweight design also means increased stability and less need for unwieldy hardware. The Aston Halo is extremely stable mounted on a regular microphone stand.

Awards and praise from the world’s industry media

Alongside the increasing number of endorsements from top artists, engineers and producers, the Aston Halo has also received unanimous praise from the world’s industry media. SoundOnSound magazine’s Editor in Chief Paul White wrote: the Halo sets a new bar for personal vocal booths.”and Matthew Loel T. Hepworth of Ask Audio shared a similar view: “HALO is certainly another winner for Aston. Not only is it the best-sounding microphone reflection filter I’ve every used, it also sets a new bar for simplicity and aesthetics.”

Paul Vnuk Jnr. From Recording Magazine noted the Halo’s innovative qualities: “The Halo is not just an update or a copy of the original [reflection filter]... it's a completely new evolution of the idea.” 

The media are also united in bestowing awards on the Halo, including 5 Stars from Gearslutz, Music Tech Magazine’s ‘Innovation Award.’ Pro Tools Expert’s ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ -  and many more.

The Aston Halo reflection filter and portable vocal booth is available in Aston purple and black (the Halo Shadow).

To find your nearest retailer click here.

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