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Aston Artist Jamie "Pop" Morrison - Stereophonics

Category : Artists

Jamie Morrison has enjoyed past success as the drummer with Noisettes and is enjoying present success as the drummer with Stereophonics. He also has an amazing philosophy when it comes to recording his many and varied solo projects where the microphone has to be the star of the show. To have the right mic for every moment the Aston Origin and Aston Spirit make his life very easy... 

"I use the Origin for everything, the simple reason being that it always sounds good!"


Find out about his crazy days as a young drummer playing with 5 different singers every night and how he ended up in the business. Read about his passion and unusual recording techniques...and find out which song really moves him. Go and check out... 

Jamie "Pop" Morrison - Stereophonics

Jamie is currently on tour with Stereophonics. From Belgium to the UK and Canada, the band has various locations on their hitlist. Find all dates and relevant ticket info HERE


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