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Who are the Aston 33?

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The Aston 33 are a panel of the world’s top proucers, angineers and artists who have helped shape the sound of each Aston microphone.

Named after the original 33 who worked on Aston’s first mic, Origin, the panel now has more than 100 members.

In an industry-first process, the A33 participate in a series of blind listening tests, pitting prototypes of each new mic against the very best on offer from other major brands. At each stage the panel rate the candidates from best to worst across a range of relevant sound-sources (vocals, acoustic guitars etc.) but without knowing which mic is which. The Aston prototypes are modified in accordance with the voting data and the process repeated. Only when an iteration of the new Aston mic is consistently voted best in each category is its specification finalised and signed off for production.


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