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Using your Aston Stealth

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Stealth is a front-address dynamic mic with a cardioid polar pattern. Its side rejection is extremely good, meaning is will still sound good in less-than-ideal acoustic environments where other mics might struggle. However, as with any mic, the better the room, the better the sound.

Stealth is extremely versatile, so can be used for most applications. To see this demonstrated in a real-world setting, watch the Stealth Challenge video here



Stealth can be used in passive mode (without phantom power) or in active mode, where the purple LED lights will glow to indicate the presences of phantom power. In active mode Stealth’s built-in Cass A pre amp is automatically engaged, giving 50dB of boost to the signal (so you’ll need to turn the input down on your interface!).


Stealth’s four voices

In both passive and active modes, Stealth offers the choice of four voices. These are independent signal paths, so it’s really four mics in one! The labels – V1 (Vocal 1), V2 (Vocal 2), G (Guitar) and D (Dark; reminiscent of a vintage ribbon mic) – are so named because they were voted the best for those applications by the Aston 33, who helped develop the mic. However, this is just a guide and we recommend trying all the voices to see which sits best for the sound source you’re recording.


Twist Switch Ring

 When changing between Stealth’s 4 voices, grip the twist switch ring evenly around the inside of your thumb and forefinger. Please do not try and rotate the switch with your fingertips. Stealth is designed this way to avoid accidental changing of settings during performance or transit.

Watch the demo video


Steath Stand Mount

Stealth is supplied with a custom stand mount. Attach this to your mic stand, clip-on the mic (you should feel a solid click when it’s properly attached) and tighten firmly to hold Stealth in the required position.


Stealth Mode

In active mode, the purple lights can be switched off via a switch on the base of the mic. This may be useful in film/video situations where the mic needs to stay invisible.


For any further information please contact Aston support

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