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Origin or Spirit – which is the best large diaphragm condenser mic for you?

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Despite sharing many design features Origin and Spirit are, in fact, completely different mics in terms of electronics and sonic character. Although Spirit tends to cost a little more it’s not really a question of it being ‘better’ than the Origin (both mics are used extensively in the world’s top studios) but which is more suitable for you and your projects.

In terms of features the main difference is that Spirit offers selectable polar patterns, so if you need to pick up sound in figure of eight (front and back) or omni (surround) situations then Spirit is the choice.

But for recording single vocal or instrument sound sources the trusty cardioid pattern found on both mics is the most commonly used and so the Origin vs Spirit question comes down to personal preference; Origin, the ultimate all-rounder with a warm, natural sound that sits easily in your mixes, or Sprit, with its sparkling and detailed high end and ‘open’ sound.


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